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Welcome to my first ever eBook. I've spent the last two years soaking up knowledge and tweaking my own diet and through the process, I've gotten countless requests for more information about a clean diet. So, here ya go! This is TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES of advice, lessons, and guidelines to follow to clean up your eating habits.

What this eBook covers:

  • 7-DAY MEAL PLAN of easy to prep meals and snacks (this meal plan includes meat, dairy, and eggs)
  • GROCERY LIST for 7 days of clean eating
  • Introduction to macronutrients and calories
  • A cheat sheet of good foods vs. bad foods
  • Tips on water intake, breakfast, and when it's ok to cheat

 Note: this is an INSTANT download and not a physical book. When you purchase this ebook you will be emailed the download link.

Author: Bree Pear

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